Fall Plantings at Chesnut

As August turned to September, Chesnut parent Carissa Malone knew that, if Chesnut were to have a fall harvest, seeds needed to be sown. So she drew up a planting plan for five of Chesnut’s raised garden beds, gathered seeds and transplants, coordinated with Chesnut parent Andrew Hirst (who himself hauled in a truck bed of county compost to ready the soil) and put her plan into action!

Under the encouraging direction of Ms. Hobgood, who teaches science to our Kindergarteners, students from Ms. Erbesfield’s and Ms. Huitt’s classes cooperated beautifully, taking turns depositing their seeds on the rows Ms. Malone had prepared. Some offered stories of radish soups and radish gardens at home. Others laughed at the crazy globe-shaped carrots, and “Easter Egg” colored radishes they’d be harvesting. Earlier this week, Ms. Hobgood helped Mr. C’s and her classes plant pumpkins and multi-colored carrots. While helping the kids plant their seeds, she was interested when Ms. Malone suggested that beet leaves make a yummy sauté. Want to know what else will be sprouting in the next couple weeks? Visit the gardens and check out the exotic names on each section’s marker.

AT-HOME ACTION: It’s not too late to directly plant seeds in your home gardens or containers. UGA’s planting chart advises when seeds and transplants can go in: http://www.walterreeves.com/uploads/pdf/vegplantchart.pdf. Extensive varieties of heirloom and organic seeds can be found at Pike’s and Farmer D’s. Go to the “Grow Your Own Food!” section on our Resources page for more home gardening support.

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