Chesnut’s Radishes Have Sprouted!

Ms. Malone reports that the Kindergarteners’ radishes are coming up quickly and thickly!  She thinned them to give the hardiest seedlings room to grow by snipping crowded sprouts at the base, and slightly shifting others. By cutting away the extra sprouts instead of pulling them out, Ms. Malone avoided disturbing the fledgling roots of the radish seedlings she kept.
Chesnut Gardens Radishes sprout 2011

BEFORE: One week after planting, the Kindergarteners' radishes have sprouted

AFTER: Every other sprout is snipped away to give the remaining seedlings room to grow

Radish sprouts for lunch, from Chesnut Gardens 2011

Radish sprouts make a great sandwich topping

Those snipped sprouts certainly won’t go to waste! They make a tasty, healthy sandwich or pizza topping. Ms. Malone may offer a radish sprout tasting to the Kindergarten classes soon.

These lettuce varieties will thrive through the cool fall and into the winter

Also this week, third grade teacher and master gardener Ms. Ramo took two classes out to plant seven different kinds of lettuce: Batavian Endive (Escarole), Arugula, Red Romaine, Rouge d’Hiver, Buttercrunch, Black Seeded Simpson, and Freckles (Romaine).
Visitors to the gardens will notice that time-to-harvest information is posted by each row planted. Some vegetables, like radishes, are ready to eat within one month, while others, like cabbage or kale, require a bit more patience. But all will be fun to taste!

2 responses to “Chesnut’s Radishes Have Sprouted!

  1. Ms. Erbesfield’s class tasted the radish sprouts last week and though they were reluctant at first, after they tasted them they were asking for seconds!


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