Find Dunwoody’s “True Green” Candidates

WHAT: Dunwoody Candidate Forum on Sustainability

WHEN: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

6:00 – 6:45 pm: Coffee with the Candidates
6:45 – 9 pm Candidate Forum

WHERE: (venue moved to…) Peachtree Charter Middle School, 4664 North Peachtree Road
DETAILS: This is an opportunity for you to hear from Dunwoody candidates for Mayor and City Council on their position regarding:

• Economic Development, Clean/Green Technology and Sustainable Business Practices
• Sustainable funding and planning strategies for Parks, Trails and Green Space
• Land use and city planning as it relates to development
• Multi-Modal Transportation
• Energy
• Solid Waste Management
• Social Impact on Sustainability: Aging Population, Demographic shift from Single family to multi-family, Attracting & Retaining Young Professionals
• Locally-Sourced Food Access
• Air & Water Quality
• Dunwoody Sustainability Plan / Sustainable Vision for Dunwoody

Ecology Club Parent Co-Sponsors Angela Renals and Elizabeth Davis hope to see you there!

HAVE QUESTIONS FOR THE CANDIDATES?  In the comments section, post questions you’d like to hear answered at this forum and we will forward them to one of the moderators.

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