There’s a Giant Ladybug in the Garden!

See what's inside!

It’s red with black spots. It’s salvaged (not new). And it holds the garden’s secrets within. It’s a mailbox that now happily presides over Chesnut’s vegetable garden, and it’s the work of Garden Leader Carissa Malone, Clean & Beautiful Chair Andrew Hirst and Ecology Club Parent Sponsor Elizabeth Davis.

Ms. Malone needed a way to share her garden map with teachers, whom she welcomes to swing by the gardens whenever they get the chance to check out what’s growing lately. The map will help teachers give their kids a spontaneous lesson in the garden, helping the children identify plants they may be seeing for the first time.

Ms. Davis reached out to the community through the Aha! Connection and almost instantly her request for a donated used mailbox was answered. She then prettied it up to fit with the garden theme and passed it on to Mr. Hirst who kindly and promptly installed it. Thanks to all!

The garden map will be updated every few weeks so that teachers can always know exactly what’s growing, when it was planted, what’s been harvested and other various features of the garden. Other surprises such as nature-themed reading and vegetable guides may soon be found inside as well. Teachers are invited to make use of these materials whenever they drop by.

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