New Chesnut Changers’ First After-School Meeting

Last week the after-school ecology club had its first meeting in Ms. Ramo’s 3rd grade classroom, where we had much business to handle. We drafted our pledge, brainstormed and voted on our official name (Go Chesnut Changers!) and discussed Dekalb County’s new Farm to School (F2S) lunch program, which features a Georgia grown produce on the lunch menu once a month. Dunwoody Patch Editor Tom Oder attended, capturing the energy in the room in his article, “Sustainability Taking Root at Chesnut Charter.

Could a Granny Smith Point of Purchase label encourage kids to choose apples in the lunch line on October 26th?

We learned how locally grown food is nutrient-rich, and how marketing can help persuade people to choose a product. Then we split up into groups based on interest to write a jingle/cheer and brainstorm posters to advertise our October 26th Georgia grown food: Granny Smith apples. Of course, to describe any product, one needs to be familiar with it, so the students brought in Granny Smith apples to taste while we talked about the benefits of eating whole fruits.

You don’t have to be an after-school member to be a Chesnut Changer! All Chesnut families and staff are welcome to participate in our school-day and Clean and Beautiful activities. For the full meeting notes, or to get involved with the Chesnut Changers’ activities, please email

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