Those Radishes Just About Picked Themselves

Over the past week, Chesnut Changers’ Garden Leader Carissa Malone has hosted harvests and tastings for French Breakfast radishes (the long skinny ones) and Cherry Belle radishes (the round variety). Kindergarteners from Ms. Hobgood’s, Mr. Chicoine’s and Ms. Huitt’s classes helped pick, wash and dip their radishes in a little kosher salt. Ms. Malone explained that it’s easy to see when a radish is ready to be picked:  “it starts poking its head out of the ground and just about picks itself!” The students examined which radishes looked the biggest and most ready for picking, determining that the Easter Egg radishes are not quite ready.

After dicing the radishes, Ms. Malone was glad to see that every child tasted some and many came back for more. Flocking around Ms. Malone, the children also tasted the radish leaves, excitedly popping little pieces into their mouths. One student wrapped his radish slice up in a radish leaf and called it a sandwich, and another student astutely observed that radish dipped in salt tasted like salt and pepper. (Food connoisseur in the making!)

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While they were in the garden, the children also tasted some of the kale growing (which they found tasted a lot like broccoli), and thinned some carrots. The children observed that even carrot sprouts already smell like carrots.

Chesnut Changers’ Garden Leader Carissa Malone is coordinating harvests and tastings with Assistant Principal Williams to involve all Chesnut classes. Parents are welcome to help – please email if you’d like to come out to the garden with your child’s class (good for charter credits).

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