Chesnut Teachers Sign Up Classes for Garden Outings

Chesnut Changers Sign-up Sheet for the gardenChesnut Changers Garden Leader Carissa Malone and Teacher Sponsor Ms. Ramo have a new system to organize educational class visits to the courtyard vegetable garden. In staff meetings, Ms. Ramo will announce Ms. Malone’s available days and times for the next week, inviting teachers to schedule their class for a 20-minute time slot.

The sign-up sheet — open to all classes — is posted outside Ms. Ramo’s 3rd grade classroom.

During a class’ scheduled visit to the garden, Ms. Malone will engage the students in a selection of hands-on activities (according to the garden’s readiness), including a garden overview, vegetable tasting, planting, harvesting and basic garden maintenance.

Classroom parents are encouraged to attend their child’s garden outings – please contact your teacher if you are interested in participating.

Teachers may also drop by the garden for an impromptu educational visit, utilizing the materials in the garden ladybug (mailbox), which contains a garden map and other children’s gardening books.

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