Keeping the Doctor Away

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Chesnut students and staff took a bite in a healthy direction yesterday in the cafeteria. The special farm-to-school lunch item of the month was Granny Smith apples from Dexter’s Farm in Buford, Georgia. Leading up to the event, Chesnut Changers promoted the locally grown apples to their peers with posters, a morning announcement apple cheer, and word of mouth.

For most who tasted their apple, including Chesnut’s Principal Dr Reid, the sweet and sour flavor of the Granny Smith was a hit. One third grader declared, “I like apples, they are my favorite” and a first grader observed, “I like the flavor – it tastes like sweet.”

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Next month the Chesnut Changers will promote locally grown baked sweet potato. Chesnut Changers Parent Sponsors Elizabeth Davis and Angela Renals photographed Chesnut Changers with their apples and counted how many children ate apple in the K-3 classes. We will discuss the results of our first marketing campaign in our next after-school meeting on Tuesday, November 1st, and brainstorm new ways to heighten awareness of the locally grown lunch item.

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