As Our Garden Grows, Where Does It Go?

Our fall harvest is coming in, and Chesnut Changers Garden Leader Carissa Malone has already put her plan for it into action. Yields from the garden are distributed via these three avenues, fulfilling Chesnut Changers’ mission to be stewards of school, community and selves:

  1. Chesnut students – scheduled harvest/tasting times to learn where their food comes from and to develop taste for new healthy foods
  2. Chesnut teachers/administration – samples from the garden donated periodically to thank them and encourage them to utilize the garden as a teaching tool
  3. Malachi’s Storehouse food pantry — donations to help serve low-income families in our community

While the Kindergarteners were first to sample radishes from the garden, over the past two weeks, Ms. Ramo’s third graders, Ms. Beecher’s, Ms. Cartwright’s and Ms. Merritt’s second graders, and Ms. Landis’ and Ms. Austin’s first graders also came out for scheduled lettuce and radish tastings.

Chesnut’s garden also donated 1.7 pounds of radishes to Malachi’s Storehouse — a food pantry right up the street from Chesnut based out of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church — which provides emergency groceries to low-income families in our community.

This week Chesnut’s staff found a garden surprise in the teachers’ lounge, with a sampling of the fall harvest prepared by Ms. Malone, including salad greens, pickled radishes and kale chips. Ms. Malone also brought a batch of kale chips for snack at Clean & Beautiful yesterday. They were delicious!

AT-HOME ACTION: Make your own kale chips!

Here’s Ms. Malone’s recipe for kale chips: Wash and cut the leaves away from the stems. Rub the leaves with a little olive oil, honey and salt, and bake at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes, turning once, until crisp. Fast and nutritious!

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