Leaf mold? Yes please!

At the last Chesnut Clean & Beautiful Day, the Chesnut Changers worked on making leaf mold, which is a project that can easily be done at home with basic materials.

What is leaf mold?  It is the by-product of partially decomposed leaves.  It makes a great soil amendment, because it is light, spongy and high in nutrients.  It also has lots of air pockets, which promotes worms, which is good for your garden!  Leaf mold is the reason that the soil in the forest is so dark and soft, rather than the hard clay found in our backyards.

AT-HOME ACTION – Make your own leaf mold:

1.  Rake up some leaves.  If you have a leaf shredder, go ahead and shred them as this will speed up the decomposition process.

2.  Fill up a contractor bag (those heavy black plastic bags) with the leaves.

3.  Water the leaves until they are quite moist.

4. Seal the bag with a knot.

5. Poke about 10 – 20 holes in the bag.

6. Put your bag someplace out of the way (but where it will get rained upon).

7. Wait about a year.

Once the leaves have decomposed you will be left with a black spongy substance that is great to add to your garden beds — similar to peat moss but free!

2 responses to “Leaf mold? Yes please!

  1. Chesnut Changers raked up 9 bags of leaf compost at the November C&B. If they’re ready by next fall, we could use them to amend our vegetable garden soil before planting. Love that we are “locally sourcing” and making our own amendments!


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