F2S Local Food Marketing Works!

“They don’t normally eat broccoli this much.”

That was the report from the cafeteria staff during lunch on Tuesday, which featured Georgia grown broccoli.

The Chesnut Changers’ marketing worked so well that some classes were not offered the broccoli because supply lagged a bit behind demand as the broccoli flew off the counter onto trays. The bright-colored freshly picked broccoli not only looked appetizing, according to the kids, it tasted great. Many ate the entire serving, and one remarked, “This is good broccoli,” but amended, “my favorite is eating it with marinara sauce.” Ms. Clein’s class wanted to know when they could go back through the line to grab some broccoli, as a new batch was being prepared when they arrived for lunch. Guidance Counselor Betty Sule encouraged the kids by asking for a show of hands and commending the kids who were eating their broccoli.

Chesnut Changers took care of business! Three months into the program, they knew exactly what to do, and they organized themselves to share the responsibilities of awarding hand stamps and taking count of their class’ broccoli eater percentages. According to the Broccoli Day Marketing Report, the standout class this month was Ms. Stacia Brown’s 3rd grade, who not only all ate their broccoli, but had one student who brought broccoli from home. To make sure that kids who bring lunch have an opportunity to participate, we may need to widen our outreach, by asking teachers to announce in their homerooms that a local food is on the lunch menu that week, and/or by sending home a note in the weekly courier.

Consistent labeling was used to point out the broccoli in the lunch line, and our F2S posters with the kids’ slogan made an appearance at the lunch line entrance. Upon examining the proximity of Buford (where the local produce is grown) to Dunwoody, several students wondered where broccoli normally comes from (“China?” one guessed), and were surprised to hear, “California.” This and other interesting facts about broccoli can be found in the Chesnut Changers’ Broccoli Fun Facts sheet.

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