Free Chesnut Garden Produce…With a Catch

Chesnut staff may find a surprise the next time they open the refrigerator door in the teachers’ lounge: a bag of veggies or herbs from Chesnut’s garden. Recently, Chesnut Changer Garden Leader Carissa Malone has left bags of freshly harvested cilantro and bunches of beets, free for the taking, but there is a catch. We want to hear how the recipient liked their gift! Ms. Malone leaves a note asking teachers to let her know how they enjoyed the veggie, sharing recipes and pictures if they can.

Third grade teachers Ms. Stacia Brown and Ms. Clein have already weighed in – delicious! Ms. Brown garnished her chicken noodle soup with some fresh cilantro, and Ms. Clein added it to homemade pizza and chicken tortilla soup. She says, “It was just the right touch!”

Gardening isn’t only about fresh food, it’s also about sharing and building community. Ms. Clein extended the generosity of Chesnut’s garden by sharing her cilantro with her mother, who used it for homemade salsa. Here is her mother’s recipe, which Ms. Clein says was “yummy” especially because she used fresh ingredients.

AT-HOME ACTION: Homemade Salsa!

Texas Caviar

(Substitute fresh ingredients when possible)
> 1 can of black eyed peas (drain)
> 1 can of shoe peg corn (drained)
> 2 medium tomatoes or 2 (14oz) cans of petite cut tomatoes
> 4 green onions (chop the green part)
> 1 medium green pepper (chop)
> 1 bunch of Chestnut school grown cilantro (1/4 –/3 cup) ( I use kitchen scissors to cut up leafy part)
> 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar
> 1 jar of picante sauce
> Mix all ingredients. Serve with chips or over fish/chicken. Enjoy!

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