A Home for Chesnut’s Gardening Supplies

When Chesnut Changer Garden Leader Carissa Malone mentioned she could use a toolshed to keep some gardening supplies near the vegetable garden, she was in for a great surprise.

Turns out one Dunwoody North neighborhood has a block of dynamo parents, with skill sets encompassing upcycling, carpentry and gardening, not to mention an amazing work ethic.

Who makes up this powerhouse team of Chesnut parents? Next-door neighbors, the Bowmans, Hirsts, Grants and McEwens. Along with the Hendersons (Mona Henderson and Andrew Hirst co-chair the PTA Clean & Beautiful Committee), these families came together over a February weekend to install Chesnut’s new toolshed.

It began when Diane and Sterling Bowman generously agreed to sell Chesnut their playhouse at a reduced price to suit our toolshed budget. Chesnut Changers seek to salvage and reuse as much as possible to reduce waste, so repurposing the Bowman’s playhouse rather than buying a new plastic unit from a big box store was ideal. Imagine then how cool it was to learn that the playhouse itself was an example of upcycling, as Sterling had built it from salvaged decking material.

Mr. Bowman altered the playhouse to make it suitable for securing gardening supplies within, by adding an adult-sized side door and shutters to the front windows and door. Then our team of dynamos went into action, dismantling the structure and hauling it over to its new address at Chesnut’s courtyard garden. And there it is right at home, adding a cheerful element to the space, and looking like it might want its own garden planted on its “front lawn” someday.

Meanwhile, Chesnut Changer Garden Leader Laura McEwen organized the collection and delivery of 32 tree stumps (donated by her family and by the Dunwoody Community Garden) to the courtyard where they will be arranged as seating for an outdoor classroom. Join us at Clean and Beautiful on Saturday, April 14th when we’ll be installing these and other elements to complete Chesnut’s new outdoor classroom.

Our thanks go to the Bowmans, Grants, McEwens, Hendersons, and Andy Hirst of A. Hirst Home Improvements for their talents, hard work and community spirit.

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