Smiling Carrot Promotes Farm to School Carrot Day

A smiling carrot greets walkers on Walk to School Day to remind them that "Cool Kids Crunch"

Last month’s DeKalb County Farm to School food of the month was carrots, which arrived freshly shredded to Chesnut’s cafeteria where lunch staff turned them into a carrot and raisin salad. Earlier in the week, on Walk to School Day, Chesnut Changers Teacher Sponsor Christen Ramo dressed up as a carrot to remind walkers that another healthy practice is eating locally grown, nutritious vegetables.

On Carrot Day, we missed the Pre-K and Kindergarten students who were away on a field trip, but for the other classes, Chesnut Changers eagerly doled out hand stamps and reported on their class’ tasting percentages. Several students who had brought carrots from home also happily received hand stamps.

The standout class was Ms. Austin’s first grade, which reported a 94% tasting rate, but across all the classes, the numbers were not consistently high — as they were last month for Cabbage Day. Perhaps a portion of the children prefer their vegetables prepared simply. Previously the farm to school food has been steamed or boiled, salted and served. The creativity of dressing the carrots and including raisins for a salad may have been too adventurous for some of the students. Though certainly some appreciated the recipe: “I tasted it. It was awesome!”

Tomorrow – Wednesday, April 18th – Georgia-Grown STRAWBERRIES are on the menu! Will they be the most popular of all the farm to school foods this year?

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