Back-to-School Lunch Reusables Guide

AT-HOME ACTION: Save Money and Reduce Waste with Reusable Lunch Containers

While your child is at Chesnut, you could save hundreds of dollars by eliminating the cost of sandwich bags and juice boxes; and keep those unrecyclables out of our landfills. Stainless steel utensils and cloth napkins also reduce your environmental footprint.

Please use the Comments section below to share your healthy lunch ideas!

In Local Stores (save on shipping costs and environmental impact)
 1. LARGE VARIETY: BPA-free sandwich/snack containers – $3 – 7; Insulated lunch bag with multiple food containers – $10 – 23; Stainless steel insulated food jar – $30 – Buford Farmers Market (just north of Buford Hwy./285 intersection) in Housewares section, front left corner of store
2. Small stainless steel utensils – $7; Water bottles and drink pouches – $8 – 10 at REI
3. Thermos 13 oz. stainless steel insulated food jar – apx. $13 at Target

Buford Farmers Market Selection

Online Reusable Containers for Salads, Sandwiches, Snacks
LunchBots – stainless steel boxes with up to 3 compartments – $15 – 20 (free shipping on all items)
Fresh Baby – leak-proof stainless steel box with removeable divider to create 2 compartments (not leak-proof between compartments) – $10 (and available for free shipping)
ToGoWare Large Sidekick – stainless steel cup for dry snacks – $6
BrightBin – One-piece BPA-free lunchbox with built-in compartments – $17
Easy Lunch Boxes – set of 4 BPA-free plastic containers that hold sandwich and two snacks – $14
Good Bites Sandwich Box – BPA-free plastic sandwich container holds sandwich and snack – $5.99
Water Bottles and Soft Pouches for Drinks
New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel 12 0z. Water Bottle with flip-top cap – $12 (and available for free shipping)
SoftBottle BPA-free collapsible drink pouch – $8 (with $4.95 flat shipping)