Chesnut Students Want Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Out of Chesnut Elementary’s 20 classes (pre-K – 5), the last two Farm to School (F2S) lunches — featuring watermelon in August and Cucumber in September — proved that we have many “Super Super Fresh Eaters.” These are classes that had 100% tasting rates:  all of the kids who brought or bought the food of the month tried it. Be on the lookout for these class names on our new Farm to School bulletin board, coming soon to a wall in our cafeteria.

Chesnut Changers happily distributed “Go Green” hand stamps to any classmate who tasted the food of the month and  — looking at the statistics they collected for the Watermelon and Cucumber marketing reports — the majority of kids went back to class sporting a hand-stamp.

While the watermelon was clearly a favorite — with 14 classes earning Super Super Fresh Eater standing — another significant improvement was in parent participation. More than 40 students either brought watermelon from home or money to purchase the Farm to School item à-la-carte (costs $.75).

Though the cucumbers,  which were served as part of a tomato cucumber salad earlier this week, weren’t as popular as their cousin, tasting rates were overall higher than the previous month. The majority of students who had cucumbers for lunch took a taste, with only two classes having less than 80% tasting rates.

Some of the children are very serious about this F2S promotion, wanting to know if they have to clean their plate to get a hand-stamp, including drinking the salad dressing from the bottom of the cucumber salad cup. One first grader commented, “I think that these cucumbers are probably famous.”

We stress that they are famous in a way. They are very nutritious because they ripen on the plant and they protect the environment by not having been shipped cross-country. Yes!

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2 responses to “Chesnut Students Want Fresh Fruits and Veggies

  1. This is so, so great! Positive experiences associated with healthy food…what an awesome thing for our kids! Angela, thanks for getting our students excited about the F2S food of the month!


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