Chesnut Garden Grows 33 Pounds of Sweet Potatoes for Food Pantry

Earlier this month, first graders and several parents from Ms. Radford’s class joined Chesnut Garden Leader Carissa Malone for a sweet potato harvest. Underneath a mound of greenery hid more than 33 pounds of sweet potatoes that were planted at the end of last school year. Ms. Malone explained how the plants grow, and after harvesting, offered the students a taste of fresh-picked sweet potato.

Did you know that sweet potatoes are not related to other potatoes or yams? We learned this and other fun facts last year surrounding Farm to School Sweet Potato lunch day. Our nutritious October harvest was donated to local food pantry, Malachi’s Storehouse, run out of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, just up the road from Chesnut Charter Elementary.

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DeKalb Recycling Now Free

When DeKalb County launched its Curbside Residential Recycling Program in 2005, it cost $30 to subscribe and receive your 18-gallon blue bin for paper and cardboard and 100 blue bags for glass, aluminum, plastics 1 – 7 and Styrofoam.

Those fees have now been waived!

Currently 21% of DeKalb homeowners are recycling, and by dropping the subscription fee, the County Commission hopes to gradually double our participation. By recycling our waste over the past 7 years, we have already extended the 70-year life expectancy of the county-owned Seminole Road landfill by 16 years. This saves taxpayers money in the long run because once our landfill is full, we would have to pay higher sanitation rates to have our waste hauled to a farther location.

AT-HOME ACTION:  Residents who want to sign up for recycling services can call 404-294-2900 or email Sanitation workers will drop off your bin and bags at your house (pretty convenient).

For guidelines about what can be recycled and the pick-up dates, please visit:

If you live in an apartment complex that does not offer recycling, you can bring paper and cardboard to DeKalb County libraries and fire stations.

Anyone can also drive over to the Keep North Fulton Beautiful Recycling Center on Roswell Road (Morgan Falls area) where they accept a laundry list of items including aluminum, plastics 1 & 2, cardboard and paper, glass, electronics, televisions, steel, batteries of all kinds, cell phones, plastic grocery bags, fabrics and Goodwill donations. If you have been looking to recycle these or additional household items, please check out the “Recycle!” section on our Resources page.

Does our school recycle? Yes we do, with the help of our 4th and 5th grade Recycling Team, led by 5th grade teacher Ms. Timika Howard. As we look into growing that program to include more items, such as possibly electronics, crayons, wrappers and our styrofoam lunch trays, we could use some parent champions. Please email if you are interested in helping Chesnut Charter recycle.