Chesnut Kindergarteners Plant Carrots, Harvest Radishes

Last month Chesnut’s Kindergarteners were busy with fall planting and harvesting in the Chesnut Garden.

Chesnut Garden Leader Carissa Malone coordinated with Kindergarten teacher and Ecology Club Sponsor Ginna Hobgood to work with all three Kindergarten classes. Each class carefully planted a different variety of carrots, using paper towel strips as a guideline. Ms. Malone has found this to be a useful method for children to clearly see where the rows are and where they have already seeded. Each child took a pinch of seeds and sprinkled them along the rows until they were covered, and then Ms. Malone demonstrated how to lightly cover up the paper towel strip with dirt.

The children planted Calliope Blend (a blend of yellow, red, purple, white and orange carrots), Cosmic Purple (purple on the outside and orange on the inside) and Tonda di Parigi (a round, golf-ball size carrot).

Ms. Hobgood’s class harvested all of the radishes, including the French Breakfast and Easter Egg varieties, which the children brought back to class to wash and serve with a bit of salad dressing. Judging by the smiles in these photos, the children were impressed with their harvest and enjoyed discovering what had been growing underground.

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