Snow Peas in Winter, English Peas in Spring

Last month, Ms. Radford’s 1st graders came out to the Chesnut Garden to taste the snow peas.  They paired up, one child cutting the pea off the vine and the other cutting it into two pieces so they could each have a taste.

Soon after, it was time to plant more peas (of a different nature). All four Kindergarten classes and the 4th and 5th grade collaborative class came out to the garden (in the sprinkling rain!) to each push one English pea seed into the dirt.

Garden Leader Carissa Malone showed them how the snow peas were growing as a trellised vine, and explained how English peas grow differently, forming small bushes. She also pointed out that while we shell English peas (opening the pods to eat the seeds inside), we eat the entire snow pea pod.

Mr. Chicoine’s Kindergarteners were given the important job of delivering a large bag each of the Swiss chard harvest and parsley harvest, to Principal Veronica Williams and Assistant Principal Lloyd McFarlane, both strong supporters of Chesnut’s gardening program.

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