Locally Grown Strawberries Produce Chesnut’s First Schoolwide 100% Tasting Rate

Visit any classroom in Chesnut and you will be looking at some super SUPER fresh eaters. super super fresh jpeg

March’s Farm to School lunch item — Georgia-grown strawberries — was well loved by all the kids. So much so, that for the first time since the Chesnut Changers began promoting the locally grown monthly food, they reported that in all classes, every student who had strawberries, tried them! That is a success for the Ecology Club’s Farm to School promotion, but better yet, a sign that our kids are really enjoying fresh fruit.

In fact, some of the students needed reassuring that these strawberries would not be steeped in a simple sugar syrup, as the fruit has been served in the past. One 4th grader who had declared in the lunch line that he would not be eating those, later at his lunch table happily held up his chosen fresh strawberry to show he was glad to take a taste — if it was the real deal.

Several of these discerning young eaters even commented that the strawberries with white at the top had a tartness to them, while the all-red ones were sweeter. We discussed why that might be, tying it into what we had learned about colors during our November Farm to School Nutrition lesson, “Tasting a Rainbow of Plants.” Considering that the fruit’s color develops as it ripens, they correctly guessed that the white-topped strawberries were not as mature as the all-red ones.

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