Kindergarteners Reap What They Sow

The Kindergarteners’ patience was rewarded this spring when they harvested the carrots they had planted 5 months earlier. The tiny ball-shaped ones (Tonda di Parigi variety) turned out to the be the sweetest, but the children also marveled at the purple, white and yellow carrots. Each carrot surfaced to a chorus of “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” — so great to hear!

As always the students begged for seconds while Ecology Club teacher sponsor Mr. Chicoine chopped carrots as quickly as he could to keep up with the demand!  Perched on the tree stump seating, they finished their garden time with a lesson from Ecology Club teacher sponsor Ms. Hobgood about the newest garden tenants:  mushroom logs!

First Graders Grow Lettuce in Chesnut Garden

Back in March, Ms. Borenstein’s first grade Discovery class coordinated with Garden Leader Carissa Malone to plant 3 different varieties of lettuce from seed.  The class split up into three groups, each planting a different lettuce variety.  Each child took a pinch of seeds and sprinkled them down about a 3rd of a row that was drawn in the dirt with a chopstick.

Over the next few weeks Ms. Borenstein’s class stopped by the garden to see the seeds sprouting and growing.  Two months later, in mid-May, the class returned to Chesnut Garden to eat their lettuce with some carrots and snow peas also growing there, and some store-bought dressing and croutons.  They all loved it, asking for seconds after eating their full bowls.  And this was after lunch!

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