Kindergarteners Finish Their First Year as School Gardeners with Sweet Potato Planting

On the last day of school in May, all of the Kindergarteners came out to the garden and brought along with them the sweet potatoes that have been sprouting in their classrooms. Garden Leader Carissa Malone had prepared two beds for this planting by clearing out the remaining carrots and English peas. While the students tasted the English peas, Ms. Malone showed them how to plant the sweet potatoes:  break off the slip, tuck it into the soil, being sure to leave the tops of the leaves above ground.  As the Kindergarten teachers returned to school, their arms were full of freshly harvested garlic, carrots, lettuce and strawberries to share with the other teachers. It was a fun last hurrah to finish a plentiful year in the garden.

The Wellness Team especially thanks the Kindergarten faculty for fully embracing Chesnut Garden as a teaching tool, giving our children the opportunity to learn by touch and taste. As these children rise through Chesnut, we hope they will enjoy increased involvement and ownership in Chesnut’s growing Farm to School program.


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