Salad Tasting and Garlic Planting for the Kids; Collard Green Bounty for the Teachers

Back in October, Ms. Little’s second grade science class came out to the garden to harvest lettuce and taste it in a salad. After the empty bowls had been cleared away, it was time to get to work! Garden Leader Carissa Malone had placed pencils into the soil to show the kids where to plant each clove of garlic.

Couple weeks later, the garlic has sprouted!

Couple weeks later, the garlic has sprouted!

After planting a clove, students removed the pencil to mark the space as full. The pencils turned out to be the perfect garlic planting tool because in addition to holding available planting spaces, they helped the children push the cloves down into the soil (cloves need to be planted 4-6 inches deep).

Collard greens for teachersMeanwhile, another delicious veggie was in season in the Chesnut Garden:  collard greens! Ms. Malone cooked up a huge batch and brought them in for the teachers to enjoy, along with a note welcoming them to take home future weekly harvests. Ms. Hobgood and Ms. Neal were happy to share in the bounty, each receiving a bunch of leafy greens for nutritious home cooking.

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