Installed! Chesnut’s New Math “Pie Garden” (The “E” in “Pie” Is Intentional)

Who doesn’t love a good math pun? Even if you don’t, you’ll love the results of Chesnut’s most recent Clean and Beautiful workday. C&B Chair Andrew Hirst once again led us in a well-planned project with professional outcome.

We’re talking about the final installation of Chesnut’s Math Garden, now dubbed the “Pie Garden,” by our clever Garden Leader Carissa Malone, so that we can grow produce that would either top a pizza pie, or be the filling of a delicious fruit pie. This garden was conceived by Chesnut’s School Master Gardeners, kindergarten teachers Mark Chicoine and Ginna Hobgood, 2nd grade teacher Leah Little, and school counselor Betty Sule, who also all act as Ecology Club faculty sponsors.

WP_20150328_001WP_20150328_006WP_20150328_003Several Chesnut families worked together to level the land, add concrete block edging, infill with gravel and finally relocate the recently constructed pie slice planters in their proper formation. The end result is meant to mimic a large pie, with one slice missing. Now when our students need to study their shapes, they’ll find triangular-esque pie slices (or can the kids figure out which shape they could really make by filling in the missing slice?), circular tree stumps and herb planters, and rectangular raised beds outside in Chesnut Garden.

WP_20150328_009WP_20150328_008In our final hour we also managed to rehang the “How Did It Taste?” sign and construct a compost bin out of salvaged pallets our master gardeners had collected for this purpose. The new large composting stall will allow room for any cafeteria scraps (kudos to our cafeteria staff who has begun composting!) and end-of-season plants to begin breaking down, before being moved to our compost tumblers for the final product – nutrient-dense compost that will feed a future garden crop.