Introducing Chesnut’s New Garden Club

Many thanks to School Master Gardener and 1st grade teacher Ms. Jodee Christian for starting up Chesnut’s new Garden Club! Ms. Ginna Hobgood, School Master Gardener and Kindergarten teacher and Mr. William Betz, previous Ecology Club guest teacher and new Chesnut para, joined her in welcoming 3rd, 4th and 5th graders for weekly Garden Club meetings in the first semester. The group planted, harvested and used our new mobile cooking cart from the Captain Planet Foundation Project Learning Garden grant to prepare some delicious whole food recipes.

In second semester, the Garden Club has a new roster, giving the younger grades a chance to participate in these after-school meetings. Never fear, our first graders were still learning in the garden in first semester. Here they are harvesting the sweet potatoes they planted as Kindergarteners. Harvests aren’t always bountiful, but certainly do always teach a lesson. This year we learned about the food chain and photosynthesis when deer munched on the sweet potato vines over the summer, thereby dwarfing our sweet potato crop. (Chesnut’s Facilities Action Team is working on a fencing solution for next year).

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