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Georgia Organics BlogNov. 2014 – Chesnut Garden mentioned as one of only four edible school gardens in DeKalb County, named an honorary Golden Radish recipient by Georgia Organics.

Dunwoody Patch LogoIMG_4031Feb. 5, 2014 – Posted news of Chesnut Changers’ new TerraCycle program, which will allow students to upcycle their drink pouches and keep them out of landfills.



2013 Dunwoody NeighborNov. 19, 2013 – “Dunwoody School Incorporates Ecology Club in Curriculum,” Dunwoody Neighbor

Editor Christine Fonville visited Chesnut where she shadowed Ms. Hobgood’s Kindergarteners as they participated in one of the new Farm to School science lessons that Master Gardeners-in-Training, Ms. Ginna Hobgood and Mr. Mark Chicoine, have introduced for all Kindergarten classes. Children now have monthly opportunities to learn science through hands-on activities like gardening, outdoor habitat construction and vegetable identification games.

2013 daily dirtNovember 2013 – “10 Ways to Jumpstart Farm to School,” Georgia Organics’ The Daily Dirt

Farm to School champion Erin Croom of Georgia Organics took pointers on how to get parent involvement in a fledgling F2S program, from the presentations given by Evansdale Elementary Wellness parent Greta Massetti and Chesnut Charter Elementary Wellness parent Angela Renals, at the first Georgia SHAPE Healthy Schools Summit.

June 20, 2013 – “Chesnut Charter Elementary Takes Science in the Garden,” Kitchen Gardeners International Blog

Out of 925 applicants from 48 states and 11 countries, Chesnut Garden was selected as a Kitchen Gardeners International Sow It Forward full grant recipient. What an honor! The Sow It Forward grant provided $300 cash, $200 garden supply gift card, $55 worth of seeds and an educational book. Check out this blog posting to see how we plan to use the grant to grow Chesnut Garden.

June 17, 2012 – “Standing in Awe As We Twist and Find Our Way,” by Pattie Baker, FoodShed Planet

Local author and sustainability activist Pattie Baker visited the Chesnut Garden, where she enjoyed our progress on the courtyard garden outdoor classroom.

Watch her narrated tour of the garden and read her blog posting.

May 18, 2012 – “Field Day at Chesnut Brings Food Fresh from Local Fields,” by Joe Earle, Dunwooody Reporter

Mr. Earle gave Chesnut’s Field Day farm-to-school event a mention in the Community section, describing how the children first tried the strawberry-mint pizza, which enticed them to try the arugula-onion pizza.

For the full clip, click here.

May 16, 2012 – “Chesnut Changers Hold Farmer’s Market,” by Sue Stanton, Dunwoody Crier

Ms. Stanton attended Chesnut’s Field Day and reported on the program’s aim to get kids thinking about where there food comes from, and the effect that has on the environment.

For the full article:

May 14, 2012 – “Community Garden Donates Space to Station 18 Firefighters,” by Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch

Scroll down to “In other gardening news” to read Mr. Oder’s write-up on Chesnut’s Field Day Simulated Farmer’s Market with Chef Demo. As he observed the event, Mr. Oder was glad to see that Chesnut students were sampling healthy produce like arugula as their pizza topping.

For the full article:

March 12, 2012 – “How to Establish a Farm to School Program,” by Tom Oder, Mother Nature Network

In this review of the growing Farm to School movement, Chesnut Changer Parent Sponsors Elizabeth Davis and Angela Renals adapt their Georgia Organics’ Farm to School Summit presentation into a 3-step approach to starting up a Farm to School program, following Georgia Organics’ “4 C’s”: Curriculum, Cafeteria, Classroom, Culinary. Check it out to see how we might further grow Chesnut’s program.

For the full article:

Feb. 27, 2012 – “Farm to School Summit Spotlights Dunwoody,” by Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch

Chesnut Changer Parent Sponsors Elizabeth Davis and Angela Renals presented at Georgia Organics’ 3rd Annual Farm to School Summit, sharing ways to start-up and grow a student-led farm-to-school program. In the same session, Dunwoody High School Senior Danny Kanso of Grow Dunwoody also gave an inspiring step-by-step presentation on how to start an organic gardening program that ties into curriculum.

For the full article:

Feb. 20, 2012 – “Dunwoody Schools to Eat Healthier with Farm to School Grants,” by Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch

Chesnut’s new $2,300 grant will fund a Simulated Farmers Market with Chef Demo at this year’s Field Day, demonstrating that eating nutritious, locally grown food is easy and delicious. After tasting freshly baked pizza bites topped with seasonal produce from local farms and Chesnut’s school garden, the kids will “shop” at the farmers stand, selecting a portion of produce to bring home free of charge. Chesnut Changers from all classes will help work the farmers stand, where they will educate their classmates about the in-season produce offered as well as the value of eating locally grown food. Also covered in this article is the news that Chesnut Changer Co-Sponsors Elizabeth Davis and Angela Renals will present at the Georgia Farm to School Summit this week, sharing lessons learned and tools used in Chesnut’s ecology club/farm-to-school program.

For the full article:

Nov. 11, 2011 – “DeKalb County School’s Eat Local Initiative”, The Aha! Connection

Covering the new Dekalb County Farm to School lunch program, The Aha! Connection mentions the Chesnut Changers’ efforts to market this program within Chesnut Elementary.

For the posting:

Oct. 17, 2011 – “Sustainability Taking Root at Chesnut Charter”

by Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch

Editor Tom Oder attended the ecology club’s first after-school meeting, where we became the Chesnut Changers, drafted our pledge, learned about the value of eating locally grown foods, and began working on a marketing plan for the October 26th Georgia grown food of the month: Granny Smith apples.

For the full article:

Ms. Hobgood's class plants cilantro and spinach

Oct. 3, 2011 – “Chesnut Changing Children’s Culture, Choices”

by Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch

Editor Tom Oder of Dunwoody Patch spent a sunny morning with Chesnut parents Carissa Malone and Angela Renals, discussing plans for Chesnut’s newly launched Ecology Club. Ms. Malone welcomed Ms. Hobgood’s Kindergarten class to the courtyard garden where she guided them in planting cilantro and spinach.

For the full article:

Sept. 12, 2011 – “Organic Gardening Taking Root in Dunwoody Cluster Schools” by Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch

Chesnut parents Carissa Malone and Angela Renals attended the Dunwoody Community Garden’s School Team meeting, where we established the terms of our partnership with the Dunwoody Community Garden, and learned of Grow Dunwoody’s proposal to implement farm-to-school curriculum at all Dunwoody schools.

For the full article:

For Grow Dunwoody’s full proposal:

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